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Did You Know...

Did you know whether you rent a home, condo or apartment you need renters insurance?

In most cases, a landlord's insurance covers only structural damage to the building itself—and many landlord policies don't even go that far if the damage is caused by a tenant. If you leave the tub running and it turns your floor into cardboard and dribbles downstairs, damaging your neighbor's couch, you may be liable for the whole drippy mess. If your building went up in flames, your landlord's coverage would include repairs, but only to the building, not to the possessions of tenants.

Did you know most people's possessions are worth more than they think? You might be surprised at how quickly all those books, CDs, and kitchen appliances add up. According to statistics, most people own more than $20,000 worth of property. Make an inventory of your possessions. List each item along with its year of purchase and what you think it would cost to replace it today.

Did you know renters insurance is remarkably inexpensive? Remember that insurance is about your protection against unforeseeable circumstances. Even if you think "it can't happen here," paying the price of one music CD a month might someday make the difference between an empty house and a replacement-shopping spree.

Renters insurance can also protect you from liability lawsuits against you resulting from an injury within your rented residence.


Not all insurance policies offer the same coverage or discounts. If you don't know the answers to these questions, contact your agent or call our office for a free policy review and quote.

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